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      1. Buy in bulk. Colors, sizes and styles of our choosing.


This is where you can buy tee shirts in bulk, a great gross (1728 units) or more. These are “The Me Line” tee shirts. Do to the fact that tee shirts are difficult for us to purchase we ask that you leave a 70% deposit for your order and please be patient. Tee shirts are reasonably priced wholesale at approximately $50 a unit giving it a total of $86,500 plus delivery. Delivery charge will be determined at a later date and must be paid in full before the delivery process can begin. Colors, sizes, styles are of our choosing.

So how does all of this work?

Step 1 – Leave a deposit of $65,500 and make your order. *Once we receive your deposit for your order it will not be returned. See below.

Step 2 – Once delivery charge and date are determined pay delivery charge in full.

Step 3 – Pay the $21,000 balance, for your order, on delivery and receive your order. See paypal below. *All sales are final.

Step 4 – Reorder

*Deliveries, could take up to 18 months or longer from the date of deposit for your order, if on the 3rd years we were unable to deliver your order you will receive back your deposit, for your order, of $65,500 minus any expenses the we occur trying to fill your order. That includes any legal protective measures we will take against anyone, including the depositor, who interferes with such deposit.  *See deposit below.

*Deposit, if there are extraordinary circumstances out of our control that does not allow us to deliver your order then it is possible you may lose part or all your deposit as well as your order. *See agreement.

*Agreement, as the depositor you agree not to interfere with the deposit for your order. You also agree to pay for any expenses, times 3, for damages that may occur that exceed your original deposit of $65,000. You also agree to pay damages, times 3,  for any monies lost do to damage to our public image.

*The $65,500 is just the deposit. You do not receive anything for it other then our promise that we will make our best attempt at delivering your order.

* Paypal – Whatever paypal charges in fees, you will be responsible for. These fees will be do on your last payment when you receive your order. If you did not use paypal then this does not apply.


Some examples of The-Me-Line tee shirt styles.

Kill Me
obey me
why me


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